What to do at the resort?

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What to do at the resort?

Post autor: alexsnow555 » 22 cze 2022, 13:59

There are many must-see places in Barcelona: the Sagrada Familia, which has not been completed for many years, Rombla Boulevard with its living sculptures, the houses of Milo and Balle, which were built by Gaudí, Montjuic Fortress, Park Güell, Barcelona Aquarium and many others. You can also visit https://cannabisbcn.com/, why not? =)))) You should definitely visit the port and look at the big cruise ships that stand at arm's length. There are so many interesting things in the city that sometimes you completely forget that you are in a seaside resort. Prices: Sagrada Familia from 17 euros without an audio guide, climb the ruins of the Milo and Batlló houses for 25 euros each, Park Güell 8 euros, but there is not much to see there. It is better to book tickets for all attractions in advance, otherwise you will have to constantly stand in huge queues.

What did you like the most in Barcelona?

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Re: What to do at the resort?

Post autor: Killersmile » 17 sie 2022, 20:58

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Re: What to do at the resort?

Post autor: sztukakrolewska » 18 sie 2022, 15:47

Prosiłbym o pisanie po polsku, bo tutaj nie każdy zna francuski!

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Re: What to do at the resort?

Post autor: firehindi » 03 wrz 2022, 19:19

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