Mangal steel castings: Best Automotive casting company in India

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Mangal steel castings: Best Automotive casting company in India

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Automotive castings are the most important unit of automotive industries. Automotive casting manufacturers provide casting parts in automobile industry. Hence if you are looking for auto parts casting you must contact a reliable and trustworthy auto parts casting factories. The reason is because a renowned automotive casting company provides high quality auto parts casting to their customers. The casting components of automotive vehicles can be varied in shape, sizes, quality of material, ductility, and durability. The property depends on the kind of material that is used to manufacture during casting process.
Types of Automotive castings:

Automotive castings can be classified into following types.
• Automobile gray iron castings: Gray iron casting as we know is the cheapest type of cast iron that gives us freedom of design. Gray cast iron looks gray due to graphite mircro structucture.
• Ductile iron auto castings:-Ductile iron cast is cheaper than steel. Hence are in great demand in automobiles industry. The castings done for obtaining ductile cast iron that is used by automotive industries are known as ductile iron castings.
• Vermicular iron castings:- This type of castings the graphite is present in a worm like appearances with rounded edges.
• Austempered ductile iron (ADI):Most widely used in automobile industry due to high strength, and low cost. It is excellent abrasion-resistant material hence find wide application where mechanical wear resistant and fatigue strength is required.
• Special cast iron: High Nickel cast iron is the strongest cast iron which provides excellent mechanizabilities as it has good foundry properties.

Benefits of Automotive castings
• Giving complex geometrical shape to automobile parts
• Using automotive castings we can make small as well as large automobile parts.
• Ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals can be cast using automotive castings.
• Extra metal in each casting process is re-mantle or reused.
• It is economical, less wastage, and simple.

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Re: Mangal steel castings: Best Automotive casting company in India

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