study and learn

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study and learn

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In our modern world, educated, skilled citizens are the key to a country's success and progress. The advancement of Finnish society to the first ranks among the world's richest countries during the second half of the twentieth century was the result of its citizens' pursuit of public education, and the state's investment in education as well.

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Since the beginning of the nineteenth century, supreme decisions have cast the first seeds for the continuing success of the education system. Finland decided to provide education to the entire nation. In this way, the state avoided social inequality between the educated elite and the uneducated lower class. The citizens' desire to learn also contributed to the consolidation of faith in education. Finns are expected to be kept informed of a wide range of societal issues and concerns.

Solving global problems through education
Finding solutions to the challenges that society faces – such as climate change, a fluctuating global economy, aging populations, the dangers of modern technology, epidemics, and mass migration – requires lifestyle changes and new types of activity. In Finland, as throughout the world, the flow of rivers of information and the movement of people are creating new challenges to traditional education. No matter how strong the education system is, it needs constant development and renewal in order to remain successful. The higher the level of education of any nation, the greater its capacity to meet the complex challenges that characterize our modern world.

Education is the cornerstone of building democracy and modern society
“The high standard of the Finnish school system supports a strong national belief that the people are the nation's most important resource, and have the right to a high-quality education,” says Jorma Kopenen, Director of Public Education at the Finnish National Board of Education.

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Re: study and learn

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