How to improve my Sudani spoken Arabic?

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How to improve my Sudani spoken Arabic?

Post autor: speakreveal » 22 maja 2022, 2:31

Hey all,

I've lived in Sudan for 18 years of my life, but now I study abroad and hardly get the chance to speak Arabic.

My Arabic was not that strong to begin with, since as a child, I was educated in English and watched English cartoons. And now that I've been abroad for a couple of years, my spoken Arabic has declined alarmingly.
how to improve arabic speaking skills
To give you an idea on how strong my Arabic is, I can both read and write, but my vocabulary is very, very narrow. I have trouble watching the news in Arabic. I can watch Arabic soap opera shows without problems, although sometimes I do get confused. Speaking wise, I have very low confidence in my ability, as I mess up male/female words and I feel as though I have to actively translate English to Arabic in my mind to form sentences.

Do any of you know how I can practice my arabi on my own, and hopefully improve back to (or even surpass) my previous levels? I want to know efficient methods of practice, and I'd be willing to practice about 30 min every day.