technology question?

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technology question?

Post autor: speakreveal » 16 maja 2022, 20:04

I know a tiny bit about VPN's but I have some questions for anyone with knowledge.

If your using a VPN, can you pick your own IP address?
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If so, would someone with technology experience be able to pick an IP address of a particular location or home to give the impression that they were communicating from there and actually be in a completely different area?

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Re: technology question?

Post autor: aikenc » 21 maja 2022, 8:21

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Re: technology question?

Post autor: Austin294Ger » 24 maja 2022, 15:43

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Re: technology question?

Post autor: robie2010 » 13 cze 2022, 10:22

Well, it depends. Only when the VPN offers dedicated IP address service can you pick and obtain IP as you like. I'm using PandaVPN now and it cost me more to get a dedicated IP, but I have to say it's truly ultra-fast.