How You Can Fix Windows Update Unknown Error Code 80072f8f ?

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How You Can Fix Windows Update Unknown Error Code 80072f8f ?

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Error 80072f8f refers to a Windows update problem and can affect both Windows mobiles and computers. This error stops the computer from automatically checking for any updates. This error message would read: “Windows could not find new updates.” The error occurred while you were checking for new updates on your computer.

Common Reasons for error code 80072F8F

Junk files containing current threats
Files from corrupt systems
Registry files corrupted, particularly DLL files that aid in updates
Incorrect time settings
Firewall and third-party security programs installed
Installed corrupt or damaged update, especially if updateKB 299355 is damaged
Not yet installed pending updates

DIY Solutions to Fix Error 80072F8F

Solution 1 – Simple Troubleshooting Steps

With the antivirus installed, run a complete scan of your computer
Firewall and third-party security software should be disabled
Check the Windows Update website to see if the error has been fixed

Solution 2 – Configure Time Settings

To open the dialog box, press Win + R keys.
Type “Control Panel” and hit Enter.
Open ‘Date & Time’
If you need to modify the time, press ‘Change Date & Time’
Set the Time Zone, and then press OK.
Click on “Internet Time” and choose “Change Settings”.
Before you choose the Time Server from this list, make sure to check “Synchronize With an Internet Time Server”.
Click “Update Now”
Once you’re done, press ‘OK’ twice to close all windows.
To complete the configuration, open Windows Update. Press ‘OK’ twice. Close all windows.
This error must now be corrected

Solution 3: Remove Junk Files

Junk files can not only eat up space, but also cause damage to the computer. Here are some ways to get rid of junk files. 

Open the menu by pressing Win + X
Choose ‘Command Prompt with Admin option
Click “Yes” to run the Command Prompt As Administrator
Enter cleanmgr and hit Enter
All dialogue boxes containing unrequired files, including the temporary file box, should be checked
Click “OK” to allow Junk file removal tool to work.
Verify with Windows Update ID if the error has been resolved.

Solution 4 – Install Pending Updates

Click “Start”
Enter “Update” in the search box.
In the Windows Update dialog box, look for an uninstalled upgrade.
Click on each one to update it.
Restart your computer, and then access Windows Update to install updates.
This error must be corrected immediately.

Solution 5 – Re-register DLL Files

Click “Start”
Type “Command Prompt” and hit Enter.
Start the Command Prompt for Administrator and click ‘Continue.
Type ‘regsv32Softpub.dll/s’ in the prompt and hit Enter
After each Entry, type’regsv32Initpki.dll/s’,’regsvr32Wintrust.dll/s’ and’regsvr32Mssip32.dll/s’ in the prompt.
Close the Command Prompt, and then restart the computer
Install the pending updates immediately